Sandar Khaing

Artist Sandar Khaing was born in Yangon in 1971 and studied arts under the well-known artists, Pe Nyunt Way and Win Pe Myint (WPM). She is a pioneer Myanmar female Artist who dares to break the conservative rules in Myanmar culture and society. Under an oppressive regime, in Myanmar, her artworks were banned by censorship to display in public exhibitions. But She never loses heart and keeps on focusing on her creation and became a brave female artist who can go beyond the boundaries in Myanmar.
Because of her faithful creation, she was featured in the “ New York Times “ as an artist who dare to take the risk for her art. “ The Naked Truth with Camera “ is one of her well-known series.
Her artworks are shown at home and abroad including in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, and the United States. She has exhibited at Art Stage Singapore and London’s Saatchi Gallery START Art Fair also.

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