Bagyi Lynn Wunna

Artist Lynn Wunna born in 1973 in Yangon, Myanmar. He studied art under the great master artist U Lun Gywe and U Aung Din. Later, he studied modern art and the concept of inner artworks for many years from “The Father of Modern Art” the versatile artist Bagyi Aung Soe”.

Bagyi Lynn Wunna graduated with a philosophy degree from Yangon University and Fine Art study from SSFA. In the combination with his study and creative power that he gained from his mentor, Bagyi Aung Soe, he was magnetized to inner artworks called abstract and concept works.

Bagyi Lynn Wunna has exhibited about a hundred group shows at home and abroad and has already done ten solo shows.In this exhibition, he created artworks that reflected for him the quotes of the Buddha. In Myanmar, Buddhism quickly spread from the teachings of the Buddha, the enlightened one. Most people in Myanmar believe in Buddhism as a religion. As for the artist Bagyi Lynn Wunna, Buddhism is more than a religion. It is the teaching of the best way of living.

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