Unity Is Strength

Artist Aung Myint.

What we can see is the power of holding each other. 

Acrylic on Canvas. 
60 x 60 inches. 

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“ဖုဌဿ လောကဓမ္မေဟိ၊ စိတ္တံ ယဿန ကမ္ပတိ

စိတ္တံ ယဿ န ကပသိ ။

အသောကံ ဝိရဇံ ခေမံ

ဧတံ မင်္ဂလမုတ္တမံ။ “

In this artwork, inspired by the words of Buddha, the artist embraces the profound message: “Whose mind is not shaken when touched by the phenomena of the world, being without grief, unpolluted, secure—this is supreme good fortune.” Through vibrant colors and harmonious forms, the artwork evokes serenity and hope. It serves as a reminder of the inherent beauty and resilience within us, encouraging viewers to seek solace, embrace inner tranquility, and cultivate peace amidst the surrounding chaos.


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H2O By Artist Aung Myint

The Nature give us equally but we each receive it differently.

သဘာဝလောကကြီးက တရားပါတယ်။


ကျွန်တော်တို့ ရရှိပိုင်ဆိုင်တာတွေက ကွဲပြားသွားတာပါ ။

Artist – Aung Myint

Acrylic on Canvas

(32 x 45 ) inches


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We are moving together.

Attwork by Artist Sai Tun Oo.

24×30 inches

Available to collect 🌹


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The Whispers of Legend

နေဝင်ခါနီးဆဲ ‌လိမ္မော်ရောင် နေလုံးကြီးကိုနောက်ခံပြီး


အမေ့လျော့ခံ ဝိဥာဥ်တွေရဲ့

ကမူးရှူးထိုး ယိမ်းထိုးကခုန်နေမှုတွေလား


ခြောက်လှန့်တကြား အတိတ်ကို သက်သေခံရင်း ‌


လှုပ်ခတ်သွားတဲ့ ထန်းရွက်အဖျားတွေက

အချင်းချင်းတိုးတိုးတိတ်တိတ် တီးတိုးပြောနေကြ​လေတယ်………….

The Whispers of Legend

by Artist Aung Kyaw




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Kant Kaw Fragrance

ရာသီတွေ အလီလီပြောင်းသွားပေမယ့်


မပြောင်းလဲဘဲ တည်ရှိနေတဲ့ ဒီအရာ

ကြင်နာသူတွေရဲ့ ကံ့ကော်တန်းမှာ

ခုံပြာတန်းတွေက ဟိုး…တချိန်အတိတ်ရဲ့ပန်းချီကား



ခြေရာတွေများ ထင်ကျန်ခဲ့လေမလား

Kant Kaw Fragrance by Artist Htay Myint

💚Available to collect


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The squares of balance in society

And our contribution to it.

Each of us wants to feel needed, in demand, and important. To feel confident that we are seen, valued and known.

The more we reach out to each other, and embrace each other, the deeper our connection will be.

We see the meeting of two opposing energies.

The red energy tells us that it is time to let go of our addictions. Blue energy encourages us to take a step into the unknown.

When we accept people/things and loosen our grip, we welcome life with open arms and allow ourselves to know the truth through contemplation.

It is important to build bridges that unite us from isolation and self-centeredness.

Artworks Exhibition By Artist Htoo Aung Kyaw and Curated By Rita @yanushko_margarita @kalasa_art_space .

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There are infinite ways to perceive the same situation.

What do we prefer to see and why so?

Our brain transforms the colouring from everything around us, the question is what we let in. When we change the way how we see things, things change. The question remains which reality is real?

The message of artwork: Relieve Anxiety

Artworks Exhibition By Artist Htoo Aung Kyaw and Curated By Rita @yanushko_margarita @kalasa_art_space .

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Infinite wisdom-resilience.

Embracing the darkness and the light. Ability to face your fears. However.

We see fragmented energy.

As our beliefs, society’s beliefs sometimes hold us back.

As “right”/”wrong”/”good”/”bad”.

Life constantly gives us chances, which we often don’t take, and then only regrets remain. A message to you from this painting: Live in your truth! Live with all your heart.

Artworks Exhibition By Artist Htoo Aung Kyaw and Curated By Rita @yanushko_margarita @kalasa_art_space .

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Feeling. Sensitivity

The body is our field of instinctive sensations, the coordinate system of feelings and emotions. Our body holds all the feelings within our experience of the past and future. Pain and joy.

When we try to turn down the volume on our ability to feel pain, we fail to realize the height of joy, love and fulfilment that we all long for.

What emotions are you having a hard time expressing?

What are you suppressing? The more we say «yes>> to feeling, the richer our experience becomes

A message for you from this painting:

1.It’s time to balance the scales.

We all have multiple lives.

Each life is an incarnation that allows us to learn something, discover something, and make a choice.

2.Pay more attention to understanding and consciously participating in your Life.

Curated by Margarita Ianushko

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