“ဖုဌဿ လောကဓမ္မေဟိ၊ စိတ္တံ ယဿန ကမ္ပတိ

စိတ္တံ ယဿ န ကပသိ ။

အသောကံ ဝိရဇံ ခေမံ

ဧတံ မင်္ဂလမုတ္တမံ။ “

In this artwork, inspired by the words of Buddha, the artist embraces the profound message: “Whose mind is not shaken when touched by the phenomena of the world, being without grief, unpolluted, secure—this is supreme good fortune.” Through vibrant colors and harmonious forms, the artwork evokes serenity and hope. It serves as a reminder of the inherent beauty and resilience within us, encouraging viewers to seek solace, embrace inner tranquility, and cultivate peace amidst the surrounding chaos.


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