About Us

Kalasa Art Space Some of the best things are achieved in pairs. In this case, a set of kindred spirits, husband and wife are in a business partnership and not just on transactional terms. Su Htwe teaches both Burmese and English. Htoo Aung Kyaw paints for a living. Both share a passion for their culture and artistic growth and instructions. They founded KALASA Art and Language Space which run from their charming home after their marriage in 2016. KALASA translate as “ to prosper ” which is what they hope to do on undertaking this heartfelt venture.

Everyone is welcome at KALASA Art Space to join in events with free entrance, coffee is provided as are books to browse and even free WiFi.

We also organise art workshops to share and show contemporary art. As a gallery collection KALASA Art Space mainly features the artwork of the famous internationally renowned artist Aung Myint in addition to displaying various artworks of promising Myanmar artists.

KALASA Art Space is, therefore, more than an art gallery. It is a space for art and the heart, a warm meeting place; a place for sharing; and a hearty welcome awaits both young.